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About MAD

MAD was originaly developped as a substitute to multichannels recorder for collection of manometry data from the gastrointestinal tract. From its origin, it keeps the recording and automatic analysis features but MAD is now doing much more including neuronal single fiber recording, meal pattern analysis, barostat control, gastric slow waves analysis, meal emptying curves generation.....

MAD was designed as a modular software since everybody do not need all the features of the program but all the features can be access via a pull down main menu that is permanently accessible. MAD was developped under Labview programming environnement. The advantages are the speed of programming and the multienvironnement capabilities of the software. As it is 90% of MAD run on Macintosh, PowerMacintosh, PC with window and Sun. The pitfall is the need for the user to buy a runtime version of Labview in order to run MAD. However, the price of the runtime version of Labview is much less than a normal commercial package for manometry recording.

Copyright Notice

MAD was developped by Charles-Henri Malbert with the help of coworkers that were playing the role of beta testeurs (unfortunately for them). Two teams were involved in the testing of the software. The Adelaide group (Prof J. Dent and Prof M. Horowitz) was deeply involved in testing the software in humans and for a less important part in ferrets and rats. The St-Gilles group gave also major inputs to the software in testing various possibilities in pigs.

The use of this software is free of charge for research purposes only but mention of the software and its author must be included in any publication using the software. Also, I will appreciate to have the name of any people using this software in my database.

This software is NOT in the public domain. You may freely copy and distribute this software, provided that it you do not charge for it. This software may not be included in any disk or CD-ROM library of public domain and shareware software sold by a non-profit organization. This software may not be included in any commercial software collection sold for profit, nor may it be bundled with any commercial software, hardware, books, or other media without the prior written consent of the author.

The author, Charles-Henri Malbert, makes no warranties, either express or implied, regarding the fitness of MAD for any particular purpose. Use MAD at your own risk. The author claims no liability for data loss or any other problems caused directly or indirectly by MAD

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